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This Bootstrap Package is an ideal Package to get started with TYPO3 CMS. It includes Twitter Bootstrap as the HTML / CSS Framework, relies on the Fedext ecosystem for page templating and rendering and ships with a lot of pre-built configuration. By design, Fedext extensions are meant to bring Fluid View Helper capabilities to the next level.  So—what's next ? Grab a cup of coffee and start browsing through this site to learn why TYPO3 is the most powerful open source content management system. Check out the sample pages in the example pages of this website, log into TYPO3 and get involved! As soon as you are logged in, some more inline help will appear guiding you through the structure of the Package.


All started with the modernisation of our Dummy package we were using in our company. To give a bit of background, we were aiming to:

  • Have Twitter Bootstrap as the HTML / CSS Framework
  • Use Fluid as much as possible for the rendering and the templating. Actually, it turned out we have reached 100% thanks to the work of Claus Due
  • Keep folder /fileadmin clean from TS / JS / CSS files which should be for storing media only (images, documents etc…)

We wanted not only a package to demonstrate the capability of TYPO3, but also something useful so that it should save us from tedious and repeating work when kick-starting a website. The result is pretty promising. We have a demo website to show the Bootstrap Package in action. More importantly, we have made everything available to the public so that you can test and also take advantage for your own needs. 

Project info

Home project is at

Download link (stable version)

Installation tutorial in Readme of (master version)

Issues can be reported at

Documentation for View Helpers at (click a family name, e.g. "vhs") 

How can we improve the Bootstrap Package?

There is always something to make better...

You can contribute by translating the Editor page in your language. It gives some tips related to writing for the web, which is often unfamiliar for many people. While being useful for your potential "customers", it also demonstrates the multi-language capability of TYPO3. Drop me an email if you want to translate it.

Besides translation, you can also drop suggestion in the comments box under the integrator section which includes little tutorials about the next set-up steps. And again, the Bug Tracker is here.

How Do I Log in?

Log in using one of the user names below and the password you chose during the installation process. This password has been assigned to four different demo users with different levels of access:

  • admin
  • advanced_editor 
  • simple_editor  
  • news_editor  

The password you chose is also the master password for the "install tool"—the vital configuration center for your TYPO3 installation.